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MOT Testing & Servicing at Prospect Solihull

Prospect Solihull are pleased to announce that our new purpose built MOT Test centre is now open! Our new modern MOT test centre is fully equipped with the latest MOT Technology meaning we are able to cater for all of your MOT Testing & Servicing needs.

As well as the usual Class 4 MOT's, which covers all Diesel & Petrol Cars, our new MOT Centre is fully-equipped and custom-built for all of your Class 7 MOT needs too. Whether you have a pickup, transit, motor home, horsebox, van or other commercial vehicle - petrol or diesel- bring it into the Prospect Solihull Class 7 MOT Centre.

  • Class 4 MOT Test Only £45 (click to expand)

    Book next MOT at our NEW Test Centre!

    It's best to book your test in advance. You can have your vehicle tested up to 28 days before the certificate's expiry date. We conduct MOT testing for:

    • Diesel and Petrol Vehicles
    • Cars
    • Any other vehicle
  • Class 7 MOT Test only £55 (click to expand)

    NEW Test Centre now catering for Class 7 MOTs

    If your Commercial Vehicle is 3 Years or older, then you need to pass the Class 7 MOT Test. The Class 7 MOT (Ministry of Transport) test covers goods vehicles in the 3.0 to 3.5 tonne weight range, including:

    • Pickups
    • Transits
    • Motor Homes
    • Horseboxes
    • Vans
    • Yes we cater for both Petrol and Diesel vehicles!

    While the service bays at other MOT centres only cater for lightweights, you'll be pleased to know Prospect Solihulls' custom-built MOT centre is fully equipped for all your class 7 MOT needs. Our experienced MOT team carry out computerised testing in compliance with government standards using the very best technology.

    Don't leave your MOT Class 7 too late!

    Your class 7 vehicles are essential to the operation of your business. Because you rely on your vans every day, you can't afford to miss your annual MOT. Get it done ON TIME and you'll not only avoid costly fines, you'll also ensure the safety of your vehicle for yourself and all your drivers.

    Class 7 MOTs are required every 12 months. Without a current MOT certificate, you are legally not able to drive your vehicle. In the event of an accident, failure to produce a valid MOT certificate may affect your ability to claim on your insurance policy. Don't make this expensive mistake - keep your MOT current.

  • Tips to Avoid MOT Failure (click to expand)

    Ensure your vehicle is ready for its' next MOT

    • Some of key components tested include: lights, tyres, wheels, brakes, fuel emissions, steering, suspension, registration plates, bodywork and structure, windscreen, horn, driving controls, seat belts, other parts.
    • If your vehicle is nearly 3 years old, consider a pre-MOT check-up - to be conducted prior to having the actual MOT test.
    • Most MOT failures are caused by simple things, so check the small and the simple things in your vehicle. For example, a blown light bulb, windscreen wiper blades that don't work, worn out tyre treads or a dented taillight. Most of us who own vehicles are easily capable of checking these things and having them set right without delay.

    Additional tips on what to check for - people have failed the MOT test for the following reasons:

    • Passenger side wing mirror missing - all wing and rear mirrors have to be in position and functioning properly.
    • Spare wheel worn out below the legal limit is cause for failure.
    • High beam lights not working will fail the vehicle - the lights need to be correctly fitted and functioning properly.
    • Boot door failure is generally not part of the MOT testing procedure, but if the tester cannot get in to perform other necessary tests, the vehicle will fail.
  • When to book your MOT? (click to expand)

    Give Prospect Solihull a call today and book your test in advance. You can have your vehicle tested up to 28 days before the certificate's expiry date.

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